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Astro Lizard


Developed over 9 weeks full-time using our in-house engine, we used Unity as the Level Editor. An area of responsibility for me was the development of the Visual Scripting system. I also had responsibility over the scripting of gameplay, in-game puzzles, various triggers and scripted events.

Design Challenges

  • Refining and using an in-house developed Visual Scripting system to drive a large part of the functionality of the game
  • Create a fun and engaging open world style game in a short period of time
  • Developing tools and documentation that helps the other Level Designers and disciplines

My contribution

Script Development

Technical Level Design

Game Design


Third person perspective

Puzzle platformer

Open world

Behind the scenes

Some clips gathered during the development of Astrolizard, these videos take place at various stages of development and often includes unfinished work, early prototypes or just things I presented to the team at the time.

Showcase of the dialogue system with included emotion switching, sounds effects and animations. All created by me in the visual scripting system.

A video showing the progress through the different development stages. Showing blockout, whitebox and arted versions of the same areas.

Bouncing mushrooms with added sounds effects, created using the visual scripting system.

Early prototype of a challenge, with working dialogue connection, timer and trigger boxes.

Triggering animations that showed emotions and sound effects during dialogues was a tricky thing to get to work seamlessly. But we got there in the end.

The first time we had a proper dialogue box with text on the screen, at this moment I knew this was something I wanted to spend extra energy on to make as good as possible.

Early version of the dialogue system and sounds effects for the game. We had just gotten support for triggering sound effects through the scripting system and put it to good use.

Showcase of a scripted event and interactable environment. At an early prototype stage of course.