Highlighted projects

Open World

Level Design, World Design, Puzzle Design

Open world level inspired by the Mad Max game and movies. 

Third person puzzle & horror

Visual Scripting, Puzzle Design, Level Design

Group project, I focused heavily on Visual Scripting development, puzzles, triggers and scripted events.

Top Down Adventure

Level Design, Game Design, World Design

Group project, Zelda like game where the player must gather a number of ingredients to save the village.

2D Platformer

Level Design, Game Design, Technical Design

Platforming game inspired by Celeste where we portrayed the 5 Stages of Grief through Level Design.

Group Projects

Top Down Adventure
Spite - Seeds of Corruption
Mobile Puzzle
Shoot ´Em Up
Gore Core
A Rad Game

Other highlights

LowResViews – Ung Företagsamhet


CEO, Game Design, Art

Indie game company run during my time at LBS Lund. We made and released four games, Caribbean Waters, Grids, Castle Dasher and Kitchen Complications.