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Open World


Developed over 10 weeks half-time using Unreal Engine.


Open world level inspired by the Mad Max game and movies. 


  • Set the base for an open world level/area
  • Include one area with gameplay

Design Challenges

  • Designing a believable world
  • Keeping down the amount of planned combat

World Overview

Beginning of level

The beginning of the level starts of with the player entering this new area and narrowly escaping a collapse of the mountain. Unfortunately the gas tank of the massive war rig is broken and the player must find someone that can fix it.

Level goal

Gain favor within the Gastown clan in order to repair the war rig and gain access to the closed bridge and continue the journey.



The Gastown is a HUB the player returns to in order to get more missions and repair/upgrade their car and gear.

Closed bridge

The bridge is the player’s way forward, but to get access to it the player must win the clan leader’s favor.

Boss arena

As a twist, the player has been fooled by the clan leader and won’t gain access to the bridge. There’s only one way forward, challenge the leader to see who is most fit to lead the clan.

Scrapyard Encampment

I decided to take one of my areas a bit further to show some gameplay. The area features puzzles using cranes.

The player gets a mission to investigate why the oil production has stopped and is greeted with something far bigger than first thought. The encampment has been raided and all its inhabitants lie dead, find a way in and start the oil pump to continue production of oil.


The entrance is blocked, the player must now find a way to get in. Not too far off is some oil barrels, use them to blow up the gate.

Puzzle Introduction

When entering the encampment, the player is introduced to the first problem, the ladder to the ropeway is broken. This gets the player comfortable with using a crane as the solution to a problem.

Mid term goal

Before riding the ropeway a mid term goal is revealed, there is a reward further in the encampment.

Crane puzzle

A crate is blocking the way forward and the only way to move it is using a crane. The ladder to the last crane is also broken, using the crates scattered around the player must move it in order to use it to reach the last crane.


When the crane puzzle is done the player get the reward seen earlier.

Oil pump

The last challenge is to start the oil pump again, in one of the containers there’s an on-switch which does the job.


The raiders have entered the area and are now threatening the Gastown clan. They have already killed the inhabitants of the Scrapyard encampment and set up camp not far from there.

The player must find a way to get rid of them, the clan leader fools the player in thinking that achieving this would mean access to the closed bridge.

Getting rid of the raiders is a perfect opportunity to create several big missions, some ideas are:

Sand racing

While sneaking into their camp you get noticed and captured. Instead of killing you they make you compete against other captives through sand racing. A temporary racetrack has been set up and by defeating the other captives you impress the raiders which in turn start challenging you. Fooling them you manage to escape.

Blow up resources

Together with some warriors from the Gastown clan, infiltrate the raiders camp and blow up their valuable resources. Forcing them to find shelter somewhere else.

Oil field


The raiders have started to take control over the big oil field that provides most of the oil for the Gastown. Cooperate with some warriors from the Gastown clan and drive the raiders away.

Forbidden Forest

The forbidden forest is a place no one dares venture to. The forest is filled with toxic gas and kills whoever gets too close.

Plane mission

There’s a crashed plane which contains critical medical equipment needed to save the clan leader. The player must find a way to access the forest without directly breathing the toxic gas. There’s only one person that has entered and returned, Crazy Joe. But there’s one problem, he lives in the rocky mountains.

Rocky mountains

This is a dangerous and hard to navigate area. The player must tread on foot since the roads are too narrow and obstructed to go by car. Somewhere here lives Crazy Joe, he’s the only one that know how to get in and out of the forbidden forest without dying.

The player must find crazy Joe and take him back to Gastown in order to make the proper equipment.


The player must find crazy Joe and take him back to Gastown in order to make the proper equipment to enter the Forbidden Forest.

Salt plains

The salt plains is a big former lake turned into a non-traversable oven. Anyone who dares venture out here is quickly defeated by the unrelenting heat.